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Join the revolution!

Do you want to work on creative projects that create plenty of buzz? Do you have leadership qualities, communicate well with clients and wish to grow both personally and professionally? Are you an ambitious and creative communication professional and well-informed about Gorbachev to boot? Then join the revolution!

Akademya: learn, act, share.

Modern-day PR fluctuates on a daily basis. What works today may have lost its effectiveness tomorrow. That is why we not only invest in training and development of recent graduates, but also in the growth of more experienced consultants. The motto of our Akademya is ‘learn, act, share’ and to help our team and organization grow, we offer activities and career paths with relevant training and education. All these factors are intertwined and help us perform at the highest level.


Education is the core element of our Akademya philosophy. Glasnost education consists of three phases, namely a traineeship, a talent development programme and a leadership development programme.


Davai! Practical experience is the best teacher. From day 1, you will be part of the Glasnost team and work, Glasnost style, on a variety of large international accounts.


To lead the revolution also means to share knowledge and information. We aim to inspire each other–and others. We write blogs, give lectures and attend Marcom events.