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An idea that’s frequently suggested is using influencers, but it is not a cure-all. Influencer marketing must be well-executed to be truly effective. We believe that influencer marketing and branded content should match the style of the platform it is published on. That is the approach par excellence for innovative brands to reach their target audience. We operate independently when it comes to paid media, we are transparent about our purchase prices–and we deliver impactful and measurable results.

What we do

  • Branded content
    Together with media outlets and influencers we bring campaigns to life. We package our content in the form that is most effective for the intended target audience and platform. From podcasts or videos to advertorials, recommendations or long reads.
  • Influencer marketing
    Wij maken de beste match tussen merk, influencer en doelgroep. De gouden driehoek. We gaan voor langetermijnsamenwerking wat zorgt voor authenticiteit, geloofwaardigheid en impact.
  • Native media planning
    We look for the best match between brands, influencers and the target audience. The golden triangle. We favour long-term partnerships to ensure authenticity, credibility and impact.

A joint mission

Our campaigns start by bringing together our expertise with that of our clients. The first step is always a joint reconnaissance mission. Then we determine our campaign strategy and answer the following questions: What are the objectives? How do we get there? That strategy, which is based on market data, consumer insights and trend-watching information, becomes our foundation. Phase 2 is based on our own 3M model:

  1. Match
    To place our brand stories and campaigns in the most authentic setting, we seek out the best match between advertising media and the target audience. We know that media selection can make or break the strength of the creative concept.
  2. Make
    Using the input of influencers and journalists, we hunt for the most authentic way to spread the campaign message. Because that is the strength of native advertising, where credibility is key. From that starting point, we like to push the envelope.
  3. Measure
    To measure is to know–but only if you measure the correct data. We will never give incorrect facts or embellish statistics; those practices don’t help anyone. In cooperation with our clients, we use spot-on data to define success. The KPI’s we set are aligned with the project objectives and are measured by an independent partner. The results are presented in easy-to-read reports that include KPIs, media and marketing ROI, as well as learnings and recommendations.


From creative marketing PR to corporate PR cases. For consumer brands, B2B2C campaigns and startups & scaleups. Read more about our most recent projects here.

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