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Your unique story

Ask yourself this: What is the story behind your brand or organization? How is the brand positioned in relation to your competitors? A strong and impactful brand story can make all the difference. Glasnost will help put your brand or company on the map. We will focus on your unique qualities. Whether you are a newcomer or an established brand with ambitious goals. What value do you add for consumers and society, now and in the future? What is the best path to success? Your unique brand story is the foundation of an impactful communication strategy and PR campaign. So, fire away!

From positioning to communication strategy

We always start with a thorough analysis of the target audience, the brand, the market and the culture that is relevant to your brand or organization. Together, we decide on how to position the brand and which objectives to reach. We establish long-term goals. And we plot the most efficient and effective route. This process is not only inspiring and motivating, it results in solid strategies and quality campaigns. Not to mention great stories.

Our solutions

Our solutions come in all shapes and sizes, like never-ending Matryoshka dolls. Our work ranges from brand identities that detail brand or product particulars to putting new industry standards in place. We have a step-by-step approach for the different parts of the project and consult with experts where needed. Steps may include short workshops and internal training sessions for stakeholders. We also organize in-depth brand positioning or content and strategy sessions, where we jointly build the foundation for the future of your brand. From lean and mean to large and revolutionary. It all starts with a brief analysis to determine your needs and wants.


From creative marketing PR to corporate PR cases. For consumer brands, B2B2C campaigns and startups & scaleups. Read more about our most recent projects here.

Working with Glasnost

If you are looking for a novel approach, a Siberian-fresh way of looking at things or a new perspective, it is time for Glasnost. The coffee is brewing and the vodka is chilling. Davai.

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