Gives brands attention

Content that sticks

On average, each of us is inundated with 5,000 commercial messages every single day. No wonder people are becoming selective about what they tune into, and are more easily distracted. It takes impactful content to break through that wall. Glasnost expertly creates stories that put brands in the spotlight while touching the target audience. We know which format to choose for each individual story: from whitepapers and sustainability reports to entire content campaigns.

From strategy to creation and production

Strategy is the foundation that we build upon. Eye-catching content is useless if it is just empty words. Instead, we translate brand purpose into authentic stories. We make complex matter accessible. We make ordinary products newsworthy. Every challenge is unique. That is why we don’t have a cookie-cutter approach, but offer tailor-made solutions. We are a one-stop-shop with an exhaustive diversity of in-house expertise. From strategy to creation and production. Our large team is made up of creative movers and talented shakers. Together, we build impactful content that brings your brand to life.

Content in all shapes and sizes

As this is the age of video, we mainly produce videos in our content hub. However, our skills are not limited to video production. We create everything from sustainability reports to entire content campaigns. We adapt the shape of our content to fit consumers, businesses and everything in between. We customize all content types so that it truly resonates with the target audience.


From creative marketing PR to corporate PR cases. For consumer brands, B2B2C campaigns and startups & scaleups. Read more about our most recent projects here.

Working with Glasnost

If you are looking for a novel approach, a Siberian-fresh way of looking at things or a new perspective, it is time for Glasnost. The coffee is brewing and the vodka is chilling. Davai.

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