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Privacy policy

Privacy Policy Glasnost International B.V.

In this Privacy Policy, Glasnost International B.V. (Glasnost) explains which personal information Glasnost collects and processes, for what purposes this information is used, and which cookie policy they maintain.


General Information

Glasnost respects the privacy of all visitors to its website – – their (potential) clients and other (potential) relations. Glasnost ensures that the personal information provided to Glasnost is handled confidentially and with care and is properly protected. Your personal details will not be sold, traded or shared with organizations or individuals that have no direct connection with the services of Glasnost. Glasnost meets all legal requirements stated by the Personal Data Protection Act (WBP).


Personal Data

In terms of services and/or any other form of contact you encounter with Glasnost, for example through email, Glasnost will register the necessary details. Glasnost will only keep and process personal details that you have provided yourself.


Glasnost uses your personal information in order to provide the best execution of its services. Your information will be used exclusively to serve the purpose for which you have provided this specific information. We will not, without your express consent, supply your personal information to any third party unless absolutely necessary for the execution of the agreement with Glasnost or when legally obligated.


Your personal information will be kept as long as Glasnost deems it to be necessary, according to the purpose of the contact. At all times, you can visit the website of Glasnost without sharing personal information.



Glasnost uses cookies. Cookies are small files containing information which are installed on the hard drive of your computer, tablet or mobile phone. These cookies are used to ensure that the Glasnost Website runs properly and allows better monitoring of the website. The cookies will not be used to identify you.


Third parties will not have any access to the cookies placed by Glasnost. Your personal browser settings will allow you to choose if you want to accept the cookies or you can choose to allow your browser to send you an alert whenever a cookie has been placed. Not accepting the cookies might impact the user friendliness of the Glasnost website. Declining cookies will only impact the computer and the browser in which your action applies. When using multiple computers and/or browsers the action will need to be repeated accordingly.


Third Party Websites
This Privacy Policy is not applicable on websites of third parties that might, for instance, be connected to the website of Glasnost through links/buttons, such as social media-buttons and video uploads from YouTube (Google) that are viewable on the Glasnost website. Glasnost cannot guarantee that these third parties will process your personal information with the same reliability and security, nor do we have any say on the cookie policy of these third parties. Glasnost advises you to thoroughly read the Privacy and Cookie Policies of the concerning parties, before using their website(s).


Insight request and alternating your personal information
For any questions concerning this Privacy and/or Cookie Policy or questions concerning amendments in or removal of personal information, we advise you to contact Glasnost by sending an email to: hello [@] Please do not forget to mention ‘Personal information’ or ‘persoonsgegevens’ in the subject line.


Amendments to this privacy policy
Glasnost may update this Privacy Policy. You are therefore advised to occasionally check this policy.

Version February 2016