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Vodafone and No Isolation



The fast growing Norwegian startup company No Isolation developed a smart way to reduce social isolation amongst children suffering from long-term illness: the robot AV1. AV1 is a communication robot that allows children to partake in their school and daily life. For the child to have the feeling being there, a stable video stream is crucial. Especially for this, Vodafone created an innovative Internet of Thing (IoT)-technology that is able to process big amounts of encrypted data.


Glasnost was asked to visualize the cooperation between Vodafone and No Isolation. To do this, we first paid a visit to Edmon Rings, Head of Pediatrics at the Erasmus MC Sophia Children’s Hospital and Willem-Alexander Children’s Hospital. Rings elaborated on the extent of the issue and what the dangers of social isolation are. Furthermore, Karen Dolva, CEO of No Isolation, and Eben Albertyn, Executive Director Technology at Vodafone, explain how the two companies partnered to further develop and market the AV1.


Client: Vodafone
Agency: Glasnost
Concept: Glasnost
Director: Christian Brienen
Produced by: MateMade

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