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The launch of Twickto: the new Dutch Lego

The launch of Twickto: the new Dutch Lego



A father invents a new construction toy and 22 years later, his son introduces it to the public through the Netherlands’ biggest retailers. This is the story of Twickto. A toy that consists of colorful building blocks and linking pieces. These so-called ‘Bricks’ and ‘Twicks’ are easily connected, with a simple twist and click. The Dutch start-up is all about the fun of building. Glasnost had the honor of helping with the build-up to the launch and the positioning of this Lego-competitor. From the international introduction to specialist retailers, to the sales of the first packs in the Netherlands.


  1. Creating awareness for Twickto among Dutch consumers and the international toy retail sector;
  2. Positioning Twickto as a new toy that brings children joy and allows them to build in a challenging and creative way;
  3. By building brand awareness and brand value, and in the end contributing to the sales of Twickto.


The entrepreneurial story of father and son is worthwhile. The way (father) Gert-Jan designed the toy and (son) Robin has managed to realize the launch of his father’s toy is inspiring. This story played a central role in making the launch of a new Dutch toy brand relevant to the media. Glasnost was then able to build on the Message, the first M of the 3M-model.
February 2017 was the first huge PR milestone for Twickto. The toy was presented to toy retailers for the first time, during the biggest international toy convention of the world. The responses were wildly enthusiastic. Robin gave various interviews with leading trade media from countries including Germany, France, the UK and Spain. Glasnost organized the interviews with the international network Novum Worldwide. The strategy, core messages and press materials were developed in the Netherlands, after which local partners approached the media. This meant the relationship with the journalist remained strong, but the control over the message was also optimal. Public relations stand or fall with the right media relationships. That’s why we always recommend an international approach, working with local partners who have the best direct contacts.

After months of incredibly hard work, the day finally arrived. September 2017: Twickto goes on sale in hundreds of toy shops in the Netherlands. It might not be the most obvious location for a new toy hit. But the inventors of Twickto are not from the densely populated West of the Netherlands, but from Lutten in Salland, far in the East. This element also made Twickto extra relevant to the national media: editorial teams are keen to show that the Netherlands is bigger than just its urban West. The challenge was now to position the story in such a way that the workings of Twickto would be shown to their strongest effect. That is why we chose to organize interviews under embargo, before the launch. The interviews allowed us to motivate and expand on the core messages far more effectively than in a press release.


In order to succeed with lifestyle titles, children’s media and motherhood bloggers, a personal approach in combination with a media tour was set up. This immediately increased the involvement of influencers. Children of journalists and bloggers were surprised at home with a Twickto construction. The surprise meant the children were enthusiastic, the parents saw the toy being used in a real context, and influencers immediately had social content. This way we were able to combine the personal approach with the playful element of Twickto and it allowed us to show off what the product was capable of. Because that’s what it is about: bringing kids joy by letting them build things in a creative and challenging way.


This campaign reached various target groups in different ways. Interviews were organized under embargo with [the Netherlands’ biggest newspaper] Algemeen Dagblad [and its biggest news programme] RTL Nieuws but also Stoer Magazine, Kidsweek and Urban Moms. These were in-depth articles with extensive descriptions of the workings and USPs of Twickto. This campaign achieved a cumulative reach of 23,000,000 impressions and a combined media value of € 502,764.50.


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502,764.50PR value
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