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The Hague is informed!

The Hague is informed!

Gemeente Den Haag


Like many other municipalities, The Hague offers a wide range of general services to its citizens. General services are often focused on the more vulnerable social groups in society and can be used without referral from a medical professional. These services are often offered by social enterprises or volunteers. Examples are repair cafés, drawing classes or advise on financial affairs.


The number of general services that The Municipality of The Hague offers exceeds 2,500. However, as the information on these services is not centralised, citizens can have a hard time finding (out about) them. Digital learning agency IJsfontein developed the online platform, where information on all services and activities is creatively bundled. Glasnost was tasked with promoting the Zoek het uit (‘Be informed’) platform to the target audience.


- Raising awareness of the general services on offer
- Educating citizens on the use of the platform so that they can use the site independently


As the target audience consists of a large group of people who use traditional methods to gather information, it was felt that this group would respond best to a personal approach. The decision was formed to take them by the hand throughout the information process by emphasizing personal contact and individual motivation to use the site.


The Municipality of The Hague not only aims to inform its citizens about general services, but also to create a more transparent overview of the available healthcare and other services. Late 2017, eight Goed voor elkaar (‘Good to each other’) festivals were organized throughout the city in the span of several months. The festivals functioned as a platform for healthcare providers to present themselves to the public. Glasnost used the well-attended festivals to spread information about the Zoek het uit platform, using an eye-catching van.

Eye-catching tool

Glasnost revamped an old Volkswagen van for promotional purposes. The use of the traditional The Hague city colours, green and yellow (colours of The Hague), made it an immediate eye catcher and many visitors were eager to have a look. Various healthcare professionals were on hand at the van to tell the public all about the new online platform and its functionalities in order to motivate them to visit the site.


The Zoek het uit-van crisscrossed through the Municipality of The Hague from early September until late November 2017. All other communications in local media was at the exact same time to extra promote the van.

It did not end there!

In cooperation with the municipality of The Hague, Glasnost performed a thorough analysis of the target audience. The research showed that this group gathers information through traditional channels, often visit a health care professional (such as a GP or district nurse) and often come in contact with municipal information through channels varying from news tickers to social media.


  • Ads – We placed ads in all local and regional The Hague media. Several different visuals highlighting various issues were created with the aim of arousing the public’s curiosity and motivating them to visit the online platform.
  • Healthcare professionals – We created an information package for healthcare professionals regarding the new online platform, including tips on how to best communicate its existence and usefulness to their patients.
  • Municipal channels – We developed content for a variety of municipal information channels such as a social content calendar and visuals for news tickers.


The target audience was reached through the judicious use of various media channels. The cumulative audience of the campaign consisted of 387,115 individuals.


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