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The Glenlivet Cipher

The Glenlivet Cipher

Pernod Ricard


The Glenlivet is the world’s most renown single malt whisky. Founder George Smith brew the first batch in 1824. This year they have introduced a very special new whisky called The Glenlivet Cipher. This mysterious whisky has been launched to public without tasting notes or cask information. Whisky connoisseurs are being challenged to embark on a flavor journey to decode the secret of the whisky. Glasnost was asked to amplify the launch.



  1. Introduce the new The Glenlivet Cipher
  2. Build the brand of The Glenlivet as an innovative and contemporary single malt whisky
  3. Generate positive media-attention


A mysterious whisky requires a bold media approach, to evoke curiosity among the media. Therefore, Glasnost decided to develop a so called escape room for the PR event. To create the most personal and intimate experience, the journalists and influencers where invited in small groups. The guests were locked up in a room and had to find their way through the mansion with cryptic hints referring to the flavors of the whisky. When they found their way out, the guests were welcomed in the decoding room, where they could taste The Glenlivet Cipher for the first time.


With this project we’ve reached both whisky experts as mainstream media. More than 18 articles were published both online and in print, including in FD persoonlijk and Quote online. In total the Glenlivet Cipher project reached 4.2 million people and resulted in a PR value of €104.575.



€104.575,-PR value
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