Gives brands attention introduces new branding during unique tattoo campaign introduces new branding during unique tattoo campaign


Unforgettable experiences through the absence of expectation–that is what travel organisation aims for. The company feels that when travellers can’t plan every little thing in advance, they see the world through different eyes. To celebrate that fresh look, introduced a new logo symbolising the idea of an ‘open mind’.


The surprise-travel organisation dared the Netherlands to ‘immortalise the symbol of open-mindedness in a tattoo without knowing what that symbol actually looks like’. In no time at all more than 400 people accepted the challenge. In the meantime, Glasnost took on another challenge: to make as many people as possible aware of the new branding and to plot a PR strategy for the tattoo challenge on Facebook.



  • Generate widespread media attention for;
  • Make the tattoo challenge posted on Facebook into a newsworthy event and link it to the story behind the revamped branding.


In our strategic 3M-model, the new logo and rebranding fall under ‘M for Message’ and would typically be promoted through specialist media such as trade journals Adformatie and MarketingTribune. To create publicity, Marketing Director Jasper Blonk discussed the new approach and rebranded image with several media outlets. Subsequently, the company decided they would like to take the publicity efforts even further. To that end, Glasnost implemented its ‘M for Moments’: giving the story more depth in order to appeal to a larger media audience. Based on the fact that most people can’t imagine getting a tattoo of an unspecified symbol, Glasnost suggested organising an event where consumers could get the unknown symbol tattooed–with the press on site as well, to witness the essence of ‘an open mind’. The unique idea of giving individuals a surprise tattoo morphed into a mass happening where 40 (!) open-minded travellers had the mysterious symbol inked on their skin.


Amsterdam tattoo shop InkDistrict was chosen as the location for the ‘open mind’ tattoo event. In order to generate maximum coverage, Glasnost invited film crews from two of the largest media outlets. The well-trained spokesperson answered questions from the press and talked in more detail about the new logo and the rebranding effort. The answers that participants gave the press when asked about their personal motivation to accept the tattoo challenge confirmed that has a passionate effect on people. Watch the footage of the event here.


The tattoo event was filmed by crews from the free daily Metro Holland and Dutch business news channel RTL Z. As both outlets announced the event ahead of time, an effective teaser appeared both in print and on TV. The video footage shot by both media outlets was placed on their respective websites. The story was subsequently picked up by other media, such as Dutch news website RTL Nieuws, a popular morning radio show on national radio and entrepreneur website De Ondernemer. Interviews appeared in trade magazines Adformatie and Marketing Tribune. The combined PR value of the campaign reached € 233,070.74


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€233.070,74PR value
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