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Samsung presents secret weapon for Dutch Olympic Short Track Team

Samsung presents secret weapon for Dutch Olympic Short Track Team




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In February 2018 all the major winter sports athletes will travel to Pyeongchang in South Korea for the Olympic Winter Games. For years now, they have been working towards this one defining moment. This is the moment to achieve and to write history. Every big sports achievement builds on good preparation. This is also true for shorttrackers Sjinkie Knegt and Suzanne Schulting.


During their preparations for the Olympic Games, the shorttrackers were supported by their sponsor Samsung in the form of a groundbreaking technological skinsuit: the Samsung SmartSuit. The Samsung SmartSuit uses five integrated sensors to measure skaters’ knee angle and depth during their training: the deeper they are crouching, the more powerfully they are able to push off, and the greater the speed they can achieve. This data allows for training sessions to be optimised per individual. After all, every skater has their own skating style.


This data can be accessed in real-time, via a mobile application. National coach Jeroen Otter uses the same app to send skaters a signal that is transmitted via vibrations in the skinsuit. The result? The shorttrackers train with optimal posture supported by the data. The experience translates to a habit during matches without thinking, helping the skaters towards their goal of winning a gold medal.


“By datafying posture, we are able to train even more effectively. I notice that Sjinkie and Suzanne are seeing the benefits from this innovation in shorttrack” states national coach Otter.


In contrast to many sponsors, Samsung wants to actively contribute to the athletic performance of athletes, with the aid of technological innovation – not merely provide financial support.


Cheil Amsterdam, the creative advertising agency of Samsung, invented and developed the Samsung SmartSuit and challenged Glasnost to generate media attention for this unique innovation.


  1. To generate awareness of the active contribution Samsung makes to the sport of shorttrack
  2. To generate media attention for the launch of the Samsung SmartSuit
  3. To inextricably link Samsung to all the attention


The story of the Samsung SmartSuit is newsworthy in itself, but to maximise the reach, the challenge was to get the various parts to align perfectly. The skaters Sjinkie and Suzanne and national coach Jeroen were on a tight schedule, in the run-up to the Olympic Games, and media attention was not one of their priorities. In addition to this, there were a range of events during the same period, which demanded the attention of journalists who write about winter sports.

At Ice Stadium Thialf, Glasnost organised an open training of the Dutch shorttrackers, where the attending journalists could see the skinsuit in its intended environment. Afterwards the journalists were then given the opportunity to speak to the people best able to tell the story: the people who have been working with it every day over the last year. Along the race track, journalists were allowed to ask their questions to the shorttrackers, the national coach and the manufacturers of the SmartSuit.


An ice rink full of camera crews, photographers and journalists of top tier news, tech and sports media resulted in attention among a wide target group.

And this was not limited to national attention. Worldwide, the news spread like wildfire, with as a crowning glory an article in the Korean national newspaper Chosun. A salient detail is that the homecountry of Samsung will be the most important competitor of the Netherlands at the Olympic Winter Games.

Within three weeks, Glasnost developed and executed a complete PR concept, which generated more than 319.8 million unique impressions across the world for Samsung and their active contribution to sports through technological innovation.


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