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PR support for Brand New Day’s bank

PR support for Brand New Day’s bank

Brand New Day


On 10 July 2017, Brand New Day became a bank. The newest bank of the Netherlands is fully focused on offering pension products to consumers and businesses. Brand New Day is a tech-driven pension bank with a core strategy of realizing the highest possible customer satisfaction. This makes them a thorn in the side of traditional banks and insurers, who dominate the market.

Becoming a bank is a special occasion. Over the last 20 years, only six new banking licenses have been awarded in the Netherlands. But for Brand New Day founders Kalo Bagijn and Thierry Schaap it’s already the second time they are awarded a banking license. The entrepreneurs were awarded their first license with BinckBank in 2003. With Brand New Day, they are launching the second disruptive bank in a short period of time. Glasnost was given the challenge of positioning Brand New Day as a new pension bank in the media.


  1. Generate media attention for Brand New Day as the Netherlands’ new pension bank;
  2. Reinforce the positioning of Brand New Day as contemporary, entrepreneurial, bold, and economical for customers. Thereby presenting the pension bank as an alternative for traditional banks and insurers;
  3. Present co-founder Kalo Bagijn with in-depth interviews, in which the developments around Brand New Day take center stage.


The news of the Netherlands is getting a new pension bank is of interest to a wide range of news media, so the first M of our strategic model of the 3 Ms was solid. This meant the next challenge was to create a strategy that told the story of Brand New Day most effectively, to the greatest number of people. This is why we focused on optimizing ‘the moment’ in this campaign, the second M. Interviews were set up, under embargo, with as many titles as possible, which are not in competition with each other. This meant that internally, with their editor-in-chief, journalists had permission to have the story published and for it to lead prominently. For this strategy, it was essential that the news was not leaked in advance of the planned embargo. Therefore, the communication moment was carefully coordinated with the Nederlandsche Bank [Dutch Central Bank]. Because all these media published at the same time, a news avalanche was created, which made the story unavoidable for other media. Interviews allowed the core messages to be explained far more effectively than within a press release. That is why it was of major importance to position CEO Kalo Bagijn in exactly the right way in the media. Various media outlets regularly write profiles about successful entrepreneurs, and the success of both Brand New Day and Kalo Bagijn were a seamless fit with this. By carefully coordinating his personal story with the ambitions of Brand New Day, a multiplier effect was created. Journalists go into greater depth for subjects in interviews, and editors are more likely to approve the publication of longer articles, when it is a good interview. For readers, the more in-depth the approach is the more interesting the story is, meaning that they will read the article with greater attention and interest. This creates greater awareness for the brand, allowing the reader to form stronger associations with the brand.


Various journalists from the news sector were reached with this campaign. Five interviews were organized under embargo, with Algemeen Dagblad, ANP, Het Financiële Dagblad, RTL Nieuws and Sprout. Thanks to the interviews with Kalo Bagijn, these were more in-depth articles in which the proposition of the pension bank was extensively described. In total the campaign led to 67 articles with over 48,000,000 impressions, and a combined media value of € 484,966.


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€ 484,966,-PR value
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