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Pon opens Move: The Mobility Experience

Pon opens Move: The Mobility Experience


The future of mobility
What is the future of city transportation? What is a smart bicycle path? Is ride sharing a viable option? Will cars fly? This is the type of question that Move Mobility Experience challenges visitors of all ages to think about. In October 2019, the organisation opened its doors on Stadionplein in Amsterdam and Move Mobility Experience initiator Pon asked Glasnost to create as much free publicity as possible for this first mobility experience in the Netherlands.

Story quest

It can be a challenge to show a whole country what a mobility experience entails when it is the first of its kind. To determine our approach, Glasnost dived deep into the sea of stories surrounding Move–from the details visible in the ceiling to the Caterpillar door that lifts an entire wall when it opens.


Once all the information was digested, we distilled key messages for various target audiences. These key messages were then tailored to relevant specialist, lifestyle and news media. A select few media outlets were treated to a sneak preview and guided tour of the Move location. By giving a limited number of media outlets permission to publish the story ahead of the competition, visibility was assured in the majority of national news media as well as various specialist and niche outlets.


Together with the Move team we pulled off an amazing feat: over 100 publications, a cumulative total reach of 29.5 million and a PR value in excess of € 475,000. Move was mentioned in national media such as De Telegraaf,, Metro, Volkskrant, Parool and, in relevant specialist media such as Tweewieler, Autoweek and FietsActief and on social media by influencers such as Humberto Tan en Robert Doornbos. Mission accomplished.

Want to know more?

Are you curious as to how we established the right angle? Or how your media network could be used to ensure maximum free publicity coverage? If so, just contact us.


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