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Payconic Belgium

Payconic Belgium



Payconiq is a simple, smart-phone enabled payment solution that lets consumers make payments in shops, restaurants, and even to friends. In Belgium, consumers can pay for their purchases at connected retailers using the Payconiq app, based on their geolocation.

To make consumers in Belgium more aware of Payconiq, Glasnost established partnerships with four Belgian influencers and the Belgian website,


  1. Generate awareness for the Payconiq app among millennials
  2. Show how easy Payconiq works as a payment solution
  3. Increase the number of downloads of the Payconiq app


The strategy consisted of two parts, each targeting a specific group, varying from a collaboration with social influencers Joy Thielemans, radio DJ Sam De Bruyn, Inge Moerenhout, Yentl Keuppens and Matthias Geerts, to a native partnership with

The social influencers received a set credit which they were able to spend using the Payconiq app. They were able to spend their credit freely; for example, radio DJ Sam used his social media channels to start a scavenger hunt. Using his Instagram Stories, he posted hints of the hunt’s secret location, and everyone who discovered it was able to order a gin and tonic paid for using Sam’s Payconiq account. Joy Thielemans, a well-known Flemish actress and presentor, took her Instagram followers on a shopping spree, stopping by her favorite Payconiq shops in Antwerp.

The Belgian website Newsmonkey sent six people out on a blind date with a special mission: they received €100 on a Payconiq account which they could only spend as a ‘couple’. Newsmonkey transformed the adventures of these dates into exciting content, which they posted on their website and social media channels each Friday for a month. Every week their readers were taken from cliffhanger to cliffhanger, with the Payconiq app subtly hinted at in each item.

The bill was split and paid using a peer-to-peer transaction: smart!


Together, the social influencers managed to reach 753,556 followers, resulting in a media value of €67,500. published four articles which were promoted through social media (228,542 views) and on their website (1,027,470 views).


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€67,500+PR value
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