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Nutella Christmas Bakery

Nutella Christmas Bakery



We all think that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year-and Nutella agrees. The world famous hazelnut spread is a regular on many breakfast tables. But did you know Nutella is great for baking too? To get their fans started in the kitchen, Nutella brought out limited edition Holiday jars with free cookie stamps in different seasonal designs in the lid. There’s not much that can make the holidays more fun than baking cookies, except for one thing-a good dollop of Nutella.


Glasnost was tasked with achieving significant media coverage on the Nutella cookie stamp and challenging consumers to spend family time in the kitchen and cook up a Nutella storm.


  • Develop a concept, including the Nutella brand, the cookie stamps and family moments, to generate media attention for the Nutella cookie stamps.
  • Position Nutella as the product par excellence for baking with the family.
  • Motivate consumers to become actively engaged with the Nutella Christmas campaign through the use of the cookie stamp.


Nutella’s aim was to inspire consumers to spend family time in the kitchen during the Christmas holidays.  As most Dutch families tend to spend Christmas at home, Glasnost suggested organising an event that was open to both the public and the press. That event came in the form of the Nutella Christmas Bakery which opened its doors in Amsterdam for one whole week, enabling families to bake cookies together in the Nutella Spirit of the Season.


The cookie stamp was not a new promotional item and therefore the standard marketing M for Message (news value) was replaced with M for Moments (brand engagement through life moments). Combined with the M for Means (use of native advertising), this was the basis of our success formula. By creating this Moment, we still added value to the Message: the Nutella Christmas Bakery was the first official Nutella location ever opened. This was an interesting news fact for various news, lifestyle and food media outlets. We used native advertising to ask a select group of influencers ‘Who is your baking buddy during the holidays?’ and asked them to create an answer with their own inspiring content.


Opening a bakery; it is easier said than done. We joined forces with a professional cooking studio and transformed their space into a real Nutella® bakery. On the first day, under the guidance of a passionate Italian chef, both the public and the press were given the opportunity to bake–and eat!–Nutella® Christmas cookies. The bakery was open to the public for another ten days after that.


We also launched a native advertising campaign to explore the theme ‘baking together during the holidays’. Together with ten influencers and websites, content was created around the question ‘Who are you baking with during the holidays?’. This open question opened the doors for a wide range of stories, videos and images depicting the theme ‘baking together’ in many different family situations and baking moments.


The combination of earned, owned and paid media resulted in coverage on various platforms. The opening of the Nutella® Christmas Bakery was mentioned on 29 different (news) platforms, such as Grazia magazine, Amsterdam newspaper Het Parool and The press day and the press packages prompted 35 online posts about Nutella  The cumulative audience exceeded 16 million people and dozens of positive comments were posted on the Nutella® Facebook page.


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