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Never having to pump breast milk in a server room again

Never having to pump breast milk in a server room again



Comfortable breast pumping on the workfloor

Whereas 62% of working women still have to pump in the server room or copy room, hopefully this will not be the case after the introduction of Colve. Comfortable pumping at work is still not self-evident for every woman, even though this is required by law with the pumping-code. The founders of the Amsterdam startup, Neo Salus, Wesley Pabis and Remy de Klein, thought this needed to change. Colve was born! Glasnost was asked to inform the Netherlands about this unique stand-alone pump house and to generate as much free publicity as possible.


The last couple of years there has been a lot of attention around bad pumping circumstances on the workfloor. Many research results show that women still have to pump in uncomfortable spaces at work. However, employers take insufficient initiative to solve this problem. Women that have to pump breast milk are still put away in weird and uncomfortable spots. During their career as interior designers, Remy and Wesley often ran into this problem. It turned out that many entrepreneurs do not know how to divide the space efficiently, or find it difficult to create a space when this has not been taken into account in the construction drawings. Because most of the time, these drawings were made by men! This is how the idea behind Colve was born. A stand-alone pumping space, that satisfies the requirements of the pump-code, and is easily placed in office buildings.

A lot of publicity… and now what?

The last couple of years, this subject drew a lot of media attention. And if something receives a lot of media attention, what do you do? Right, you try to find new data to generate attention around the subject, and relevance for Colve. And so it started. We set up our own research in cooperation with the knowledge centre, in order to ensure the authority and reliability of the research. The research showed that only six percent of women have access to a pump room that meets the legal requirements. We showed that even in 2020, employees are still not taking enough initiative to solve this problem! On the basis of this research, we were able to prove that the subject was still relevant.

One size does not fit all

With the data we collected as a basis, we started formulating different messages for the various target groups. The focus was on both b2b and b2c media. Under embargo, six scoop partners were allowed to see the pump space for the first time, and the founders talked about the product. Also present was Ina Heijnen, author of the book ‘Spuug op je blouse’ and company doula. She spoke to many pumping mothers about the bad situations on the work floor and was able to explain, in addition to the research, that Colve is incredibly important for the brand new working mothers.


The approach was a success! The news appeared in various national news media, such as Het Parool, RTL Nieuws and Algemeen Dagblad. Also Editie NL and Jinek discussed the subject in the television show. Business media such as Sprout and Business Insider published a story about the entrepreneurs. And mother medium Ouders van Nu also wrote an article about the pump room. We reached a media value of € 436,000 with a positive sentiment and mention of the core message. Mission accomplished!

Cum. reach: 46,3 million

PR value: € 436.000

Top 3 stories: Editie NL, Algemeen Dagblad, Het Parool


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