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Marktplaats ‘Pimp My Kip’

Marktplaats ‘Pimp My Kip’



In spring 2016, caravans were more popular than ever on Marktplaats: both the numbers of demand as supply went through the roof. By adding the trend of customizing affordable caravans (old classics) to the formula, a great base was formed for a PR campaign. Glasnost used this during the Marktplaats ‘eropuit’ campaign, to generate extra attention for caravans and campers on the platform.



  1. Realize broad media exposure for the wide selections of caravans on Marktplaats.
  2. Involve consumers through various activities on social media.
  3. Stimulate the placement of caravans on Marktplaats.


Before we got started it was important to make sure that our strategy reached a broad audience, despite the commercial key message. Glasnost came up with the following steps:

  1. Built a campaign based on social and ‘data’ driven trends combined with actual topics.
  2. Set up a collaboration with Caravanity, the authority in Caravan pimping, as a less commercial third party spokesperson.
  3. Make sure the caravan was at the heart of the campaign, ensuring it would be key focus in every aspect.
  4. Implement multi-channel approach for owned, earned and paid media, to guarantee maximum reach.
  5. Differentiate message for news media, automotive media and lifestyle-media to create a broad relevance.

What We Did

Through the Facebook page of Marktplaats, an activation was set up that asked followers to submit their favorite ‘pimp tip’. These ideas were put to life in an old Kip-caravan, together with partner Caravanity. Afterwards we took the caravan out for a spin and visited a number of editorials to give them the ins and outs on the caravan trends and the growing popularity on Marktplaats. The news value increased by conducting and sharing a research on Dutch holiday behavior. The media that we weren’t able to visit with the media tour, received a press release. Also, the caravan was used as a weekend get-away prize.


This combination resulted in a broad media exposure, generating articles in six national and regional daily newspapers and 25 online articles. The total PR value of the campaign mounted up to € 326.493,37 and reached 12.015.893 people. Hundreds of pimp tips were posted on the Marktplaats Facebook page.


Senior Consultant:
Account Director:
Henk Boersen


€ 326.493,37,-PR value
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