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Magnum Double

Magnum Double



Release the Beast, Dare to go Double

This summer Glasnost launched Magnum’s newest Limited Edition, the Magnum Doubles. Unilever asked Glasnost to come up with a strategic and layered campaign, to raise awareness for the Magnum Double Chocolate and the Magnum Double Caramel during several moments in spring and summer.



  1. Launch Magnum Doubles as the most luxurious, irresistible treat for the summer.
  2. Realize broad media exposure during the Magnum Doubles launch.
  3. Reach the right target group by selecting a broad group of media, including a big role for social influencers.


For the launch we chose to collaborate with a broad group of media, to make sure we would reach all of Magnum’s very divers target groups. Leading up to the climax of the campaign, which was set in Amsterdam, Glasnost set out four communication tactics to empower the key message: ‘Release the Beast, Dare to go Double.’


The following four activities were set-up:


  1. Magnum Double editorial tour and sampling.
  2. Native campaign with TV, print media, online media and social influencers.
  3. Press trip to the international launch of Magnum Double during the annual Cannes Film Festival.
  4. Release the Beast Party in Amsterdam.

A selective group of journalists, bloggers and influencers were involved throughout the entire campaign, creating multiple communication moments. During the international launch in Cannes, the ultimate Magnum experience was offered to a select group of media and influencers. The official launch was hosted by Kendall Jenner, which also joined the spectacular after-party including several big Hollywood stars, all providing great content for the attending influencers. As a result, an extensive interview, several vlogs, blogs and publications on social media were published. The campaign led up to a climax, hosted in Amsterdam. Magnum organized an epic summer party in the Supperclub, including the popular DJ trio Kris Kross, from Amsterdam. A big group of Dutch celebrities, media and influencers danced the night away. During the evening there was a special moment for the Magnum Doubles introduced by Dutch celebrity Nicolette van Dam and the possibility to put together your own Magnum.


PR Value: € 1,534,178.50

Reach: 55,215,175


Senior Consultant:


€ 1,534,178.50PR value
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