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Youth from the freezer

Youth from the freezer



Frozen memory lane–that would be a good description of Kinder Ice Cream. The frozen treat has already gained popularity in Germany and France and was launched in the Netherlands by Ferrero and Unilever this year. The Kinder Bueno Ice Cream Cone, Kinder Bueno Ice Cream Bar, Kinder Ice Cream Stick and Kinder Ice Cream Sandwich bring back childhood memories of those familiar chocolaty Kinder flavours. Unilever asked Glasnost to generate as much media attention as possible for the product launch in the Netherlands.


  • Generate media attention for the Kinder Ice Cream product launch in the Netherlands by, for instance, utilizing the feelings of nostalgia associated with the brand.
  • Appeal to a wide target audience (ranging from families to Millennials to Generation Z).


Kinder equals nostalgia. Who doesn’t have fond memories of eating Kinder Surprise and Kinder Bueno as a child? Hence, our PR and influencer strategy was based on appealing to the positive associations people have with the brand. Linking the success of the product launch in other European countries to the Dutch release gave us the storyline we needed. Of course, the proof is in the pudding, which meant that the most important influencers as well as the media needed to actually taste the product.

The second part of the PR campaign focused on Millennials and Generation Z. To ensure visibility and a guaranteed reach, Glasnost proposed a collaboration with influencers. This approach consisted of paid influencer content as well as free publicity created by providing macro influencers with Kinder Ice Cream. Glasnost also gave consumers the opportunity to order Kinder Ice Cream before it actually hit supermarket shelves. This was made possible by planning a call to action from influencers in the weekend prior to the product launch in early March and organizing delivery by food delivery service Deliveroo.


Relevant Food and Lifestyle magazines and websites, such as &C, and Culy, received a press release about the long-awaited launch of Kinder Ice Cream in the Netherlands. The editors specializing in Food, such as those at and Elle Eten, were visited in person and were given delectable samples. To drive online engagement, Glasnost and Unilever selected two prominent and well-liked macro influencers for the paid content marketing effort: Valerio Zeno, a huge Kinder-fan, and Saar Koningsberger, who has a following of young parents. It so happened that Valerio loved the product so much that he generated even more content than planned.

These efforts were multiplied by asking 30 micro influencers to order the Kinder Ice Cream through Deliveroo and posting stories and visuals on Instagram, focusing on tasting the treat and the Kinder-nostalgia it evoked. This resulted in authentic, playful and activating content that stimulated the target audience to order Kinder Ice Cream through Deliveroo or buy the product in the supermarket. The final part of the campaign consisted of sending a special


Kinder Ice Cream proved to be a strong brand that received a fair amount of media attention that was not paid for. Anna Noosh, for instance, shared the press release with her 889,000 followers on Instagram Stories. Earned media came in the form of Instagram posts by Kae Sutherland, Culy and Rianne Meijer, to name a few. The Kinder Ice Cream that was available through Deliveroo was sold out in one weekend. The micro-influencer campaign was successful with an engagement rate of 5.5%. As a result of the PR campaign, Kinder Ice Cream was mentioned on, Adformatie, Cosmogirl, Elle Eten, Hitkrant, Viva, Margriet and Beautify. The campaign attained a PR value of € 370,000 and a cumulative reach of over 20 million.


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20 millionCumulative reach
370.000PR value
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