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Jameson x Oedipus

Jameson x Oedipus



For centuries, beer and whiskey have been served at the same bars, but never before have they been so entangled as they are in the collaboration with the successful Amsterdam craft beer brewery, Oedipus, and the world-renowned Irish whiskey brand, Jameson. After months of preparation, Oedipus has brewed a beer in Jameson whiskey barrels, called Winnetou. Simultaneously, Jameson has introduced a whiskey that has been aged in beer barrels, which have previously been used by an Irish brewery, called Jameson Caskmates. Glasnost came up with and executed a strategy to bring the beer and whiskey to the attention of the media and the target group.



  1. Generate as much publicity about the collaboration as possible
  2. Generate positive publicity for the new beer and the new whiskey


The project had multiple stages. From the collection of the whiskey barrels at the Jameson distillery in Ireland, through to the introduction of the new beer and whiskey. In order to guarantee as much publicity as possible, we chose to focus on three journalists with a big reach, who were tightly involved with the entire project. Other media were involved during different stages of the project, such as the introduction party at Winnetou, in order to optimize the total impact.


There was a lot of positive media exposure around the different stages, with a total of 31 articles published and 50 posts appearing on social media. ‘Het Parool’ wrote a five-page article on the press trip to Ireland for ‘PS van de Week’ (a weekly column), including a mention on the cover. The reveal of the collaboration resulted in €55,000 of media value, with a combined reach of over a million. Additionally, articles were printed in ‘De Telegraaf’ and in ‘Het Algemeen Dagblad’ and Manners, Manify and Esquire published articles online. In total, a media value of over €389,384 was generated, with a combined reach of 2.5 million people.


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€ 389.384,-PR value
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