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Introduction new coconut water

Introduction new coconut water



The coconut water industry is expending rapidly. The popular drink made its way to Europe via backpackers, after they got a taste for it in Asia. Over the years the industry has matured, and has become a popular product with people who have a sporty, healthy lifestyle.

However, all the coconut water sold on the Dutch market contains preservatives and other additives. At least it did, until Obrigado, a Dutch-Brazilian company, entered the market.

The company was founded by two Dutch businessmen, who purchased a large piece of land in the Brazilian province of Bahia. They planted and cultivated coconut palms, which are irrigated sustainably. The land is maintained by the local community, with the support of Obrigado. As a thank you (the meaning of Obrigado Brazilian), they help provide education and housing for the local community. And to preserve the local environment, two thirds of the land has been left untouched.

Obrigado uses a unique, globally-patented technique to extract the coconut water from the nut, which is carried out in a light- and oxygen-free environment. This not only ensures that the coconut water stays fresh, it means it tastes just as though it was being drunk from the coconut.

Obrigado hired Glasnost to develop a strategy to position the Obrigado brand in the already well developed coconut water market.


  1. Introduce Obrigado to the Dutch media, bloggers and influencers in the Benelux
  2. Share both the business and the product story of Obrigado
  3. Create long-term ambassadors for the project


Because the coconut hype is already a fact in the Dutch market, Glasnost advised the company to partner with five brand ambassadors. Before the product launch in the Netherlands, collaborative content was created which was shared on the influencers channels and on the social channels of Obrigado, creating a buzz around the brand in the Dutch and Belgian markets. Afterwards, the media in the Benelux were introduced to the brand in various phases.

What we did

The five ambassadors were selected on their reach in several target audiences, all of whom had a specific focus on food, lifestyle and/or health.

During the grand press introduction, multiple media were introduced to the Obrigado brand through an editorial tour in the Netherlands and Belgium. The tour included well-known brands such as Santé, Flair, Jan and Chicks Love Food. Journalists and influencers received the full brand experience through a 360-degree video taking them through the Obrigado plantation, all facilitated in a classic Volkswagen camper.

In the final phase, news media, including BNR, De Telegraaf and Kanaal Z, were given the opportunity to sit down for an extend interview with Piet Dörr, CEO of Obrigado. Additionally, 50 press kits were sent to the media.


The campaign reached journalists from the lifestyle and health segment. By partnering with ambassadors, we created media value of € 35,425. The media tour resulted in a total value of almost € 189,000, reaching 5,711,470 people. The total PR value of the overall campaign was € 224,402.


Senior Consultant:


€224,402.17PR value
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