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High Fashion: KLM introduces Jet Legs

High Fashion: KLM introduces Jet Legs



KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is continually striving to innovate their service and improve customer experience. To keep its frontrunner position, KLM aims to make travelling more comfortable as well as give passengers an unforgettable experience.


Being both comfortable and fashionable while travelling is not an easy feat. In October 2019 KLM came to the rescue with Jet Legs: a pair of sweatpants comfy enough to wear on the plane yet trendy enough to wear after reaching one’s destination. KLM Jet Legs, produced in a limited edition of 5,000 pieces, are a nod to the latest fashion trends and Instagram couture.


The Dutch airline asked Glasnost to call attention to the limited edition pants by launching an international PR and influencer campaign in its focal markets of the Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom,. The trifold purpose of the campaign was to publicise this original product, connect with a different audience on Instagram and amplify KLM’s Instagrammability.

Travel in style

Glasnost employed a multi-track approach for the introduction of Jet Legs to these four markets, starting with the news value of travelling comfortably. We researched preferred travel attire of passengers based in the focal markets and compiled a newsworthy press release based on the result.

To reach a broad Fashion and Lifestyle-minded audience, we challenged four international influencers–Fred van Leer (NL), Gitta Banko (DE), Madeleine Pedersen (NO) and Kavita (GB)–to shop for a sustainable look with Jet Legs as comfy basic. The look they created had to be equally suitable for travel and everyday life and the results would be shared on the influencers’ social media channels. Of course, a call to action directing the audience to the KLM webshop was included. The content was also posted on the KLM Instagram channel, reaching over 1.3 million potential passengers.

To create an even bigger buzz, a select group of Dutch influencers and celebrities–such as Miss Montreal, Gabriela de Graaf and Tim Douwsma–also received a pair of Jet Legs.


Jet Legs became an undeniable international success, with the entire selection selling out in less than a week. In the Netherlands, the campaign reached a PR value of € 150,000 and a cumulative reach of 15 million. The Jet Leg story was told by media outlets such as Het Parool, Grazie, RTL Nieuws, WINQ, Manify and FHM. The PR campaign made sure the story was picked up by several Travel and Lifestyle media outlets across a variety of different markets.

The cooperation with the four international influencers increased the Instagram reach to 600,000 users.


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