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GAMMA Christmas Campaign

GAMMA Christmas Campaign



GAMMA Christmas campaign

Traditionally, the Dutch only start their Christmas preparations after the feast of Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas), which is celebrated on the 5th of December. As a rule, Christmas trees are not bought in the Netherlands before that date. Howerver, it seems times may be changing: research by DIY store GAMMA indicated that nowadays a whopping 51% of consumers already purchase their Christmas trees before Sinterklaas. This shift in behaviour is ideal for the DIY chain that wished to position itself as the go-to place for Christmas trees and accessories and aims to do so by launching a campaign before the 5th of December. But simply being the first is not enough; the campaign also had to be unique. Glasnost was asked to make GAMMA stand out from the competition before it would start its official Christmas tree sales on the 1st of December.


  • Creatively link GAMMA to the Christmas spirit.
  • Position GAMMA as the go-to store for Christmas trees and decoration.
  • Generate media attention highlighting GAMMA as the ultimate destination for all things Christmas.


To position GAMMA as the Christmas tree specialist par excellence, Glasnost opted to carry the style of the national campaign over to a content strategy. The most important element  was the guilty pleasure of starting Christmas preparations before Sinterklaas is over. The emphasis was put on one specific component: packing the GAMMA trees in deceptive boxes of almost 2 meters tall, featuring an enormous cordless drill. The packaging and design (developed by Isobar) were chosen because tools and DIY are GAMMA’s core business. The cordless drill made an appearance in all forms of the campaign, solidifying the cohesion and recognisability of the campaign throughout the different media outlets and forms of communication used. The relatively low news value of the message (M for Message in the 3M model) led Glasnost to invest in Native Advertising (the M for Means), thereby guaranteeing visibility. GAMMA also wanted to engage consumers in the campaign and stress the fact that it sells quality trees at low prices. Combining consumer activation with Native Advertising ensured the campaign would receive the desired attention from specific (media) audiences.


In order to create adequate buzz for the Christmas campaign and spread GAMMA’s message, Glasnost collaborated with various macro, semi-macro and micro influencers. The influencers were asked to post two photos in a time span of three days: an initial one of the mysterious cordless drill box and–to keep consumers guessing–one with the unwrapped GAMMA tree a few days later. The campaign was impossible to miss on social media and posts by Dutch celebrities and influencers such as Ikvrouvanjou, Tess Milne, Marly van der Velden, Donny Roelvink and Fred van der Leer received hundreds of thousands of views. A second post on social media referred to the message of the consumer activation, namely the secret Christmas tree sale going at the GAMMA store in Bussum, the Netherlands, for those who were especially eager for Christmas to start early. Customers had the option to pack their trees in the huge cordless drill boxes at the ‘secret gift wrapping counter’.


Apart from the domination of the Native campaign on social media, free publicity was also generated: entertainment TV programme RTL Boulevard issued a poll asking the public if it was acceptable that so many celebrities were openly starting their Christmas preparations early and Cosmopolitan magazine and news programme RTL Nieuws also made mention of the campaign. The consumer activation received attention from Beautify and specialist media such as Adformatie. Of course, the GAMMA social channels actively promoted the campaign as well. GAMMA was linked to the Christmas spirit in a creative and remarkable manner by the humorous and easily identifiable campaign while Native content made the message even more relevant. Aside from the paid content, the achieved PR value (free publicity) amounted to € 128,000 and the reach totalled 9.6 million. GAMMA was successfully positioned as the one and only source for Christmas trees and decoration.


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9,600,000Cumulative reach
128,000PR value
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