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Dutch Startup Becomes World News

Dutch Startup Becomes World News

Envinity Group


On October 25th, 2016, the Dutch technological startup ‘Envinity Group’ presented their solution to possibly the biggest threat to public health: fine particles and ultrafine particles. Through a revolutionary five-step technology, the system treats 80.000m3 air per hour and filters 100% of the fine particles and 95% of the ultrafine particles from the environmental air. Something that was considered impossible until recently. Glasnost was asked by the Zeeman Reclamegroep to share our thoughts on the brand and the introduction.


  1. Generate international publicity for the new air conditioning system and the startup, Envinity Group
  2. Familiarize governments and industries worldwide with the new possibilities in the fight against (ultra)fine particles


The air conditioning system offers a solution for an international problem (message) and targets a social debate which has also been a reoccurring topic in The Netherlands (Zembla Docu). Therefore, our approach to the press focused on social interests. Giving us the opportunity to illustrate the possible impact of the system, in the best way. To prove that the system worked as intended, an independent research was conducted and the technology had to be guaranteed. The final step was to choose a moment to reveal the prototype, while smartly using the ‘sexy character’ that comes along with startups.

The Approach and Results

A week before the reveal of the prototype, we started approaching the media. We focused on international press agencies and news portals, but also included Dutch national and regional news media. The French press agency AFP obtained the scoop, and published an article that got picked up worldwide: from the United Kingdom to Russia and from Japan all the way to the United States. Generating exposure on the BBC, Forbes and The Guardian. Renown Dutch media titles such as the Financieel Dagblad, Telegraaf and RTV Noord-Holland published items. During the Offshore Energy 2016 exhibition and conference, in the Amsterdam RAI, the prototype was finally revealed in front of the captains of the Offshore-industry. The launch was a great success. At this moment, orders are being placed from all over the world.


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€ 2.325.000,-PR value
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