Dutch celebrities demonstrate Dutchness of Google Assistant

Dutch celebrities demonstrate Dutchness of Google Assistant



The smart, voice-controlled support functionality Google Assistant is now also available in Dutch. Not only does this version speak Dutch, it also understands Dutch maxims and culture. In cooperation with video agency Four Creating, PR agency Glasnost made a video in which Dutch celebrities test-drive Google Assistant in everyday life.


“The biggest challenge was to clearly show that the Dutch version of Google Assistant is not just a translated version of the original, but one that really understands Dutch culture,” says Rachid Finge, Communications Manager at Google Netherlands. “One small example is that Dutch is the only language to use a derivative of the word ‘app’ (appje, or small app) for ‘WhatsApp message’. In the Netherlands, ‘appje’ does not necessarily mean an app in the Play Store and Google Assistant knows that.”


Eight Dutch celebrities

We chose to work with rapper Yes-R, YouTube vlogger Mascha Feoktistova, illusionist and speaker Hans Kazàn, actor and TV host Wilfred Genee, radio DJ Giel Beelen, TV host and reporter Celine Huijsmans, and Spike and Jamie of Dutch rock band Di-Rect. This diverse group of iconic celebrities gives the video that Dutch touch we were looking for.



Client: Google
Agency: Glasnost
Conception: Glasnost
Supervision: Henk Boersen / Chris Peters
Production: Four Creating

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