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Droomparken: Tiny Houses

Droomparken: Tiny Houses



A getaway in natural surroundings, to rent or to buy. Droomparken [translation: Dream Parks] currently has 11 Droomparken in the Netherlands, with a range of different holiday homes such as bungalows and luxury villas. Last year, Droomparken introduced a new type of accommodation: The Tiny House. This small home is a perfect fit with the current trend towards a more sustainable lifestyle, with fewer possessions and more contact with nature. The homes are cleverly designed, and a large barbecue, herb garden and hot tub are shared with a few neighbors. This concept allowed Droomparken to access a new target audience. They asked Glasnost to develop a suitable campaign for them.


  1. To bring Droomparken to the attention of new target groups ‘Young Escapists’, ‘New Bohemians’ and ‘Midlife Pleasure Seekers’. They usually live in cities, are demanding and fashion-conscious.
  2. To generate media attention for Droomparken as a provider of Tiny Houses to buy and to let.


Droompark de Zanding is one of the first parks where the Tiny Houses were installed. We approached a mix of traditional news media, online magazines and influencers to pay a visit to Droompark de Zanding for a ‘Tiny House experience’. Every visitor was offered a tailor made programme, which brought out the best in the Tiny Houses, as well as their surroundings.


Culture vultures were able to visit museums, families with small children were able to visit a zoo or climbing park and for nature lovers a range of walking routes were mapped out through the Hoge Veluwe National Park. The various facilities offered by Droompark de Zanding were also brought to their attention, with bikes for hire, a (vegetarian) barbecue package and access to the wellness centre. This way, every journalist and influencer was able to get to know the Tiny Houses in their own way.


Ten journalists and influencers visited one of the Tiny Houses, including Metro, and B4Men. This resulted in 17 publications, both in print and online. The total reach was 12.4 million people, with a PR value of € 369,344.


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€ 369,344,-PR value
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