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Dream or Do! Native Advertising for Nationale-Nederlanden

Dream or Do! Native Advertising for Nationale-Nederlanden



Nationale-Nederlanden has a unique tool that gives consumers an indication of the mortgage they would have to pay when buying a house. The tool is renewing, easy to use and provides a direct insight into your options for mortgages at Nationale-Nederlanden. Glasnost was asked to increase the consumer awareness of Nationale-Nederlanden as a company that provides mortgages, with the help of their new tool.


  1. Awareness for Nationale-Nederlanden as a company that provides mortgages
  2. Increase traffic to the mortgage calculation tool


The current buzz around house purchases was the starting point for this campaign. Choosing to not focus solely on the functional, financial aspect, but to focus on the emotional aspects of buying a house. The first question that comes to mind when finding a suitable house is: “is this house within my/our reach or is it just a dream?” Glasnost turned this thought into the main theme ‘Dream or Do’. The theme was embedded in paid editorial articles that inspired and activated its readers. This content was also part of the platforms’ editorial formulas, giving the campaign a clear tone-of-voice. The campaign focused on starters, people looking for a bigger place, as well as parents whose children just moved out. Everyone has their own dream.


Twenty-two online articles on renowned lifestyle blogs with a combined media value of €191,046. The articles reached 49,763 Dutch consumers.


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€191.046,-PR value
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