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Centraal Beheer wants to make life easier. The company has done this for years by providing damage insurance, but it also offers lesser-known services to help save time and effort. One example of these services–which can be accessed by clients and non-clients alike–is Klushulp: an online handyman platform for finding reliable DIY experts. Centraal Beheer asked Glasnost to help make a larger audience aware of this service.


  • Position Centraal Beheer as a service provider that unburdens its clients with a variety of services
  • Generate media attention for Klushulp
  • Achieve a PR value of at least € 400,000
  • Motivate the target audience of dynamic families and households throughout the Netherlands to use the Klushulp platform


Centraal Beheer had already developed a Klushulp campaign centred around a pop-up store where people could experience the service and asked Glasnost to handle the PR activation. News about the launch of a handyman platform and a temporary store does not carry enough weight to generate free publicity. Therefore, Glasnost recommended to link the opening of the pop-up store to a news article about the most-abandoned chores around the house. Such an article would be a fitting reference to the humorous commercials that made Centraal Beheer famous in the Netherlands, as well as enhance the relevance of the ‘M for message’ from our 3-M model. The release date (the M for Moment) of the article was carefully chosen: the 21st of January or Blue Monday–the day where most New Year’s resolutions are abandoned. To ensure wide media coverage, Glasnost also recommended a collaboration with Dutch national radio station Radio Veronica, as well as the use of paid publicity via Native Advertising (the M for Means).


In cooperation with Centraal Beheer, Glasnost opened a temporary Don’t-Do-It-Yourself store in a popular street in the historic centre of Amsterdam. The opening of the shop was made public in a press release, which gained relevance and news value by referring to Blue Monday and the results of research on DIY behaviour commissioned by Glasnost. The research showed that only 37% of interviewees had completed their planned DIY projects for 2018. From 23-26 January 2019 , visitors were given the opportunity to hire a handyman for a specific job and date. Additionally, an hourly raffle offered the opportunity to win a visit from an electrician for hanging a lamp–the chore that the Glasnost research pinpointed as the one most often left undone.

Extra media attention was generated during the popular morning show of Radio Veronica DJ Giel Beelen, where listeners could win the help of an expert by identifying a (DIY-related) sound correctly. The Native Advertising influencers selected by Glasnost had to be a good match with the following Centraal Beheer characteristics: approachable, unpretentious, well-known to a broad audience and with a wide reach. Dutch music duo Suzan & Freek and TV personalities Ferri Somogyi and Renate Gerschtanowitz posted items about the Don’t-Do-It-Yourself store and made an appearance in order to find experts for their own projects. Centraal Beheer’s own social channels were also used for the campaign.


The press release generated the desired publicity: the opening of the Don’t DIY store was discussed in regional media such Amsterdam newspaper Het Parool, in specialist publications and in national (print and online) media such as, FD and The pop-up store gave the public a chance to try out Klushulp and it called attention to the services offered by Centraal Beheer. The combined reach of online publications, print, social media and Native Advertising amounted to 12,400,000 views with a PR value of € 80,000.


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