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Do you dare to take the plunge?

Do you dare to take the plunge?

Marie Jo


In 2018, high-end lingerie brand Marie Jo launched its very first-ever swimwear collection. The collection is designed for hardworking power women and pays homage to style icons such as Grace Kelly and Catherine Deneuve. To generate consumer awareness for the swimwear collection, Glasnost was asked to construct a media strategy for an exclusive and international media and influencer event at Spa Zuiver in Amsterdam.


  1. Present Marie Jo Swimwear to media and influencers
  2. Enhance visibility on social media through influencer activity
  3. Generate online and print publications relating to Marie Jo Swimwear


The Marie Jo Swimwear presentation was divided into two phases. Phase 1 focused on long-lead media, ensuring coverage in summer editions and swimwear specials of leading fashion publications.


During phase 2, the swimwear collection was presented to a group of influencers who closely match the Marie Jo target audience: hard-working women who aren’t afraid to take risks in life. These women were invited to join influencer Yara Michels at a special location to escape their hectic lives for a short while. The setting was the ideal spot to showcase the Marie Jo swimwear collection to this audience.


To stimulate their target audience to live life to the fullest, the Marie Jo campaign asked the question: ‘Do you dare to take the plunge?’ The campaign was kicked off by sending themed press kits to long-lead media, ensuring enough time to incorporate the collection in the summer editions of fashion & lifestyle magazines. This mailing also served as a teaser for the exclusive launch event of Marie Jo Swimwear.


Influencers and several media outlets were invited at Spa Zuiver in Amsterdam, where they were pampered and could take a break from their usual busy schedule. Bureau JEZ transformed Spa Zuiver into a Marie Jo paradise, complete with floral arrangements and South African touches. Every guest received a personal Marie Jo swimwear set to enjoy the event in style.


Activities were organised throughout the venue and participants had the choice between the safe option and the road less travelled. In the spirit of ‘Do you dare to take the plunge’, a choice could, for instance, be made between a hand massage or a fish pedicure; a photo shoot in front of a green screen (to give the illusion of a spectacular scuba dive experience) or an actual swim while wearing VR goggles; relaxing in a jacuzzi or taking a dip in an ice bath. The ultimate choice was between an engraved name tag and a real tattoo.


Guests enjoyed a relaxing evening while wearing the new Marie Jo Swimwear collection. The picturesque setting and the swimwear presentation inspired the invitees to share their stories on social media. This introduced consumers to the collection and also challenged them to jump in at the deep of life end every once in a while.


  • Over 180 Instagram stories were posted during the event and around 250 social media posts relating to the event were created;
  • 20 Print publications
  • The media value exceeded € 3,800,000 and the cumulative reach surpassed 7,700,000.


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180Instagram stories
250Social media posts
20print publications
€ 3,800,000Media Value
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