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Destiny, Game Release

Destiny, Game Release



At the end of July, Glasnost was approached by Activision who requested us to introduce Destiny in the Netherlands. Destiny, the biggest game of the year, is an action/adventure game set in future, where traveling through space has become a part of everyday life. In cooperation with Activision, Glasnost organized the launch of the game and facilitated the event and video production.



  1. Organization of the launch party; making sure the look and feel fit seamlessly with the game
  2. Create an inspiring and fun setting for the press and influencers in attendance
  3. Video production for both internal and PR use


A key person in the strategic lead was Jesse van Dijk. Jesse is the lead art director at the studio that created Destiny, and was responsible for the in-game graphics. During the launch event, we opened a temporary exhibition with concept art from the game, including pieces from Jesse. The exhibition remained open to the public for a few days after the event.


The launch was held in the atrium of Het Sieraad in Amsterdam. A beautiful location, with a glass ceiling allowing the guests to actually see into space, where the Destiny game takes place. Both inside and outside, the location was covered in a mysterious blue light and, above the blue carpet where a number of famous ‘Dutchies’ made their entrance, a large Destiny logo was projected on the wall.


Attending media, gamers and influencers all had a great evening, where of course they had the chance to play the game for the first time. When the clock struck 12, the game’s official release was announced and to loud applause the champagne glasses where raised.


The Destiny launch was a global success. In the first week, the game racked up sales of USD 325 million, a record. The Dutch game press reviewed the game with an average score of 8.5.


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