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Celebrating 10 Years of Twitter

Celebrating 10 Years of Twitter



On March 21 2006, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey send out the very first Tweet. Therefore, in 2016 Twitter celebrated its 10-year anniversary. In the past 10 years a lot has happened on this world wide social media platform. This case illustrates how Glasnost managed to turn their 10-year anniversary into a media party.


  1. Showcase the amazing experiences and stories Twitter users shared on the platform over the past 10 years.
  2. Prove that in that timeframe, the social network has grown into the most important news medium of the world.


  1. Use Twitter users as spokespersons.
  2. By pitching content under embargo, we managed to guarantee exposure in national media.
  3. On March 21, we organized a press event for trade, tech and news media with Twitter’s first significant users.

The challenge of celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Twitter, was finding the right spokespersons. A few examples: Guido Zwennes came up with a six-character hashtag for soccer matches: #AjaFey. This hashtag is now used all over the world. We also traced down Jannetta and René. Through a crowdfunding on Twitter they tied the knot which is now known as the Twedding: a wedding which was organized through, by and with Twitter users. The Twedding was the first Twitter marriage ever. Under embargo, these users were pitched at different media such as RTL Late Night and Radio. Using these cases as an example of things Twitter established over the past 10 years.


During a press event on March 21 other media were also able to sit down with these first Twitter users. Extra information on the press release that was sent out that day was also given, containing both the Dutch and worldwide highlights of 10 years of Twitter. The rest of the day a team was available to guide interview requests and follow up on coverage possibilities.


Because Dutch media were informed under embargo and provided with great stories about Twitter, many publications already appeared in the early morning of March 21. In combination with the press event and ANP news flash, these items rapidly caused a snowball effect, making Twitter an all-day news item. The total PR value of the campaign cumulated up to 2.4 million and resulted in a total reach of over 25 million over a variety of media channels.


Senior Consultant:
Account Director:
Wouter Glaser


2.400.000PR value
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