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Winner Silver Lovie Awards 2016 and Nomination for Digital Communication Awards 2016


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Each year approximately 500.000 Indonesian women are recruited by dubious ‘Agencies’ and working as maids in the Gulf States in the Middle East. They live in isolation and are vulnerable for abuse, exploitation and violence. Recent studies have shown that from all the suicides in Saudi Arabia, 55% are maids.

Hivos helps the maids to get out of their isolated lives by setting up a SMS network between the maids and Hivos. Glasnost and Tape were asked to create awareness for these isolated maids.



  1. Make Dutch people aware of the existence of dubious Maid Agencies and the miserable conditions the maids are living in
  2. Create awareness for the solution that Hivos has to offer


Our first strategy was to get journalists familiar with Hivos and their project workers, inviting them to Indonesia to interview ex-maids. However, since the Maid Agencies are situated in Indonesia and the maids are working in the Gulf States, which have very closed communities, they weren’t able to write a substantial story. The problem isn’t directly visible and happening too far away, often behind closed doors. Therefore, a bold strategy had to be implemented to make the problem visible for the Dutch audience.

To translate the situation to the Dutch audience a pop-up shop was opened in Amsterdam where people had the possibility to ‘rent a maid’. The maids were praised by a salesman, selling them out to be cheap, obedient and willing to work long hours. The maids showed off their qualities, such as ironing, vacuuming and changing diapers. This sounds ridiculous, but the whole store was based upon photos from similar stores in Singapore and Jakarta.

Press was invited to visit the pop-up store and have an in-depth talk with a spokesperson of Hivos to further increase the reach of the campaign. Also, the responses of people passing by was filmed with hidden cameras, edited and used in for a promotional video.


Before the pop-up store appeared, only NGO trade media were willing to discuss this topic. After the pop-up store 4 print articles appeared in national dailies including De Telegraaf, 11 online articles including RTL News and two RTV items were published with a total media value of €323.843,20 and a reach of 11.065.487 people. The video had a total reach of 1 million unique views on both Facebook and YouTube.

The campaign won an IDleaks award ( both audience and jury prize) as well as a silver Lovie Award, the most prestigieus internet prize in Europe.



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€ 323.843,20,-PR value
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