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Bowers & Wilkins: Vinyl, Food & Storied Sound

Bowers & Wilkins: Vinyl, Food & Storied Sound

Bowers & Wilkins


The three characteristics that have defined Bowers & Wilkins loudspeakers for many years are: pristine audio, studio-quality sound and top-of-the-line design. It’s no coincidence that Bowers & Wilkins speakers are installed in the legendary Abbey Road Studios and many other recording facilities worldwide. The new 600 Series aims to please a wider audience of music and movie lovers with a range of bookshelf, standmount and floorstanding speakers. This series offers audiophiles that high-fidelity sound they crave at a price that any music lover will appreciate. Traditionally a high-end specialist supplier, Bowers & Wilkins approached Glasnost to tackle the issue of authentically conveying that message to a broader, more general audience.


Glasnost was asked to put Bowers & Wilkins on the Benelux map and introduce the brand to a wider audience through the 600 Series.

General objectives

  • Position Bowers & Wilkins in the Benelux as an innovative, creative and high-quality loudspeaker and headphone brand;
  • Create brand awareness among a wider media target market;
  • Build the image of Bowers & Wilkins as an (affordable) quality brand.

600 Series objectives

  • Generate media attention for the launch of the new 600 Series;
  • Create a PR campaign aimed at enticing influencers and media to test the Bowers & Wilkins speakers so they can discover the quality of the product for themselves.


When company founder John Bowers embarked on his quest for the perfect loudspeaker in the 60’s, he said: ‘The best loudspeaker isn’t the one that gives the most, it’s the one that loses the least’. One issue that Glasnost faced was that the results of Bowers’ quest cannot be put into words but have to be experienced by the ears. Music the way the artist intended it to be can only be experienced, not described. Moreover, the news value (the M for Message in our 3M PR-model) wasn’t strong enough to appeal to a wide audience. News about high-end audio equipment is usually only published by specialised audio media.


To bring the entry-level speakers to the attention of a wider audience, Glasnost opted to focus on experiencing sound by organising an event (M for Means) that would connect millennials, influencers, lifestyle bloggers and (audio) journalists with Bowers & Wilkins and with each other. The event also kicked off the business relationship between the loudspeaker brand and Glasnost.


The Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series is known for its ‘storied sound’: layered sound with a pristine soundscape, delivered with purity and precision. Glasnost came up with a–literally–storied music experience: a dinner and ‘vinyl night’ at the Vaudeville Theatre in London during which 18 guests shared their memories of their favourite songs with those present.


The personal stories gave the music an extra dimension and the evening saw both laughter and tears as a result. Instead of technical details, the emotions that music can evoke became the topic of conversation, even for die-hard audiophiles. Guests enjoyed great music, studio-quality sound and witnessed the beautiful design of the speakers. Glasnost had engaged founder and CEO of MassiveMusic, Hans Brouwer, to be the evening’s moderator while iconic Amsterdam-based record store Concerto was in charge of the vinyl.   


The kick-off event generated coverage on several blogs for the Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series. A total media value of over € 60,000 was reached, the majority of which came through online media (particularly social media). Glasnost was able to expose the brand to a wider audience and to increase brand awareness. All in all, a good start to the collaboration with Bowers & Wilkins.


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€60,000PR value
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