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Annual Report ’14 – ’15

Annual Report ’14 – ’15




Winner Digital Communication Awards 2015 and Nomination for European Excellence Awards 2015



  1. To increase commitment from internal and external stakeholders
  2. To create an accessible platform
  3. To create awareness for the report and its value creation


From a single annual report to real-time reporting. At Glasnost, we no longer believe in the annual report as it exists today. Why be transparent only once a year when we live in a world that is going through a real-time revolution? The strategy behind INTOUCH is to create an editorial platform that makes it possible for public companies to be transparent 365 days a year, and to involve all target groups at the most topical and relevant moment in the organisation’s developments. Stories and visuals form the basis of the platform. A particular challenge was to keep the report readable and to comply with the guidelines for GRI, IR and the Transparency Benchmark at the same time. An almost impossible task.


The PR campaign resulted in a media value of approx. €60,000, while the internal and external e-mailings have reached an opening rate of 63%, which is phenomenally high. In addition, the Vodafone team received compliments from internal and external stakeholders, such as Rabobank, NS and EY.

Target group

INTOUCH: integrated annual report 2014 – 2015 was prepared for all stakeholders. Ranging from (business) clients and ministries, to social organisations, the media and members of staff.


Concept and details

INTOUCH is about structurally informing stakeholders. Achieving that meant developing a strong editorial content platform. The platform consists of only 19 shareable pages that revolve around the five strategic pillars of Vodafone. Each chapter has its own storyline and contains supporting visuals, such as photos of those staff members involved, as well as more than 50 infographics and videos specifically made to communicate the main message of the report both internally and externally. These videos formed the trigger for visiting the platform, but were also posted strategically, so that all visitors received an important message within one minute of visiting the platform. All content was localised, contributing to recognisability and identification. In other words: a good example of content marketing.

Resources used

Internal and external e-newsletters, narrow casting, press release, internal and external blogs.


Account Director:


€ 60.000,-PR value
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