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Aeromeister is a Dutch watch brand founded by Rutger Post. Watches that are more than an accessory or a device that measures time. They are designed for those who appreciate craftsmanship and have a passion for the smallest details. Aeromeister wants to be an inspiration for people to make life changing choices – and for people to inspires their loved ones to do the same. 

When Glasnost came in contact with Rutger Post of Aeromeister two years ago, they got to know him as an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a big dream: building a real brand around his self-designed watches. Together with Conversion Engineers and signe+studio, Glasnost developed the content- and brand strategy for, including the Aeromeister brand movie and a portrait of Rutger Post.


Account Director:
Edwin van der Sande
Director of photography:
Steijn Leijzer
Art director:
Sven Signe den Hartogh
Production company:
Gimbal operator:
Freek Lindeloo
Chantal Bartals
All round assistant:
Camille Boumans
Original score:
Nelson Ogliastri
Colour grading:
Gianwei Tong @ Captcha
Edwin van der Sande and Steijn Leijzer
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