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Activision retainer

Activision retainer



A pool of over 45 million active players per month gives the American company Activision the right to consider itself one of the biggest game publishers in the world. The company is known for games like Call of Duty, Crash Bandicoot and–as of this year–Spyrothe Dragon. In recent years, Glasnost and Activision have been working together to promote these games in the Benelux and to establish the brand’s presence at Benelux gaming events and trade fairs such as Gamescom and E3.


  • Bring Activision games to the attention of a large, young gaming audience.
  • Position Activision in the Benelux as an innovative, trend-setting international game publisher.
  • Generate media attention throughout the year by means of PR campaigns, with special attention to the introduction of new games.


Glasnost provides Activision with consistent PR support with regard to the Benelux gaming arena. This means that we double check and distribute Activision and Glasnost press releases, and that we note trends and new developments in the industry. We also keep an eye on industry regulation and socially relevant gaming topics. Naturally, Glasnost also manages the setup and planning of meetings at trade fairs and supervises interviews that take place during those events.

Like most consumers, gamers no longer rely on actual specialist magazines but find the majority of the information and reviews they seek online, notably on YouTube and Twitch. The young and very popular creators (influencers) that post relevant information on these channels are incredibly influential under 18-35 year-olds. Gaming vlogs are a very popular YouTube category for this age bracket, second only to music listings. For streaming content, many creators use Twitch; a gaming and e-sports video site. As game updates and extra content is released throughout the year, press contacts need to occur more often than just on game release dates. To maintain visibility, Glasnost aims to draw attention on a continuous basis. This is done by connecting with creators, making them into brand ambassadors by supplying them with trailers, artwork and games and by jointly organising events and live streams.

Gaming events

Shortly after Destiny was released, the well-respected review site gave it the thumbs up. Since then, new levels and content packs containing fresh challenges for players are added to the game annually. Within the Destiny world, community reigns. Gamers can join clans consisting of up to 100 players. Within those clans players can form teams to accomplish missions as a group. In order to promote the game in these communities Glasnost organised an event which emphasised team effort: Battle of the Clans. What started out as a content approach became an event by and for community members. Short features were shot of each of the clans, giving the players the chance to explain what the game means to them and what it was like to finally meet other community members face-to-face.  The combined documentary, broadcast on Destiny’s own channels, resulted in high engagement rates. The participating clans gathered at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam, the chosen arena for the Grand Finale.

For an event promoting Call of Duty, Glasnost teamed up with music company Armada Music. The record label’s HQ was transformed into a Call of Duty Walhalla with in-house DJ’s providing the tunes. Armada Music recording artists, gamers and YouTubers were invited to try out the beta version of the most recent Call of Duty version Black Ops 4 Blackout. The live stream of the event, where players could go solo or compete in teams of two or four players, was broadcast through the Call of Duty, Armada Music and Cloud 9 Music social media channels and reached over 25 million individuals. The event was attended by influencers with over 1 million followers and many of the guests, including Armin van Buuren, posted related articles or vlogs.


After thorough research on gaming subcultures and by placing the focus on the experience of the game, Glasnost was able to engage directly with the gaming community and generate a significant amount of publicity for Activision games. Creators and the larger gaming community form an important target audience as they are as influential as the approximately 60 Dutch and 40 Belgian gaming journalists. Glasnost understands both the message and the intricacies of the gaming world.


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