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Creative B2B campaigns

Business-to-Business is a tricky business. We don’t agree with the notion that creative PR campaigns have no place in B2B. On the contrary, we think original ideas are a great way of reaching your corporate target audience. They behave just like people, after all. Glasnost puts companies on the map, build strong client ties and guarantee publicity. Embracing alternative solutions sets us apart. We consider each request unique and look for an equally unique answer. Steering clear of cookie-cutter solutions, we create remarkable stories and craft campaigns that get results. What can we do for you?

Earned, owned and paid: smart B2B strategies

We start with the foundation. Translating your brand positioning to an enticing story that appeals to your clients and the media. The next step is brand activation through communication, content and PR; We look for a form that is both effective and original.

Glasnost makes B2B communication transparent. From pro-active, structural PR support to the production of entire content campaigns and sustainability reports. From press lists for relevant media to nurturing these newfound media relations. From pitching news items to planning interviews with journalists. We are here to broadcast your brand message to the world.


From creative marketing PR to corporate PR cases. For consumer brands, B2B2C campaigns and startups & scaleups. Read more about our most recent projects here.

Working with Glasnost

If you are looking for a novel approach, a Siberian-fresh way of looking at things or a new perspective, it is time for Glasnost. The coffee is brewing and the vodka is chilling. Davai.

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